Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Thoughts #1

  • Well here i am again. I haven't updated in a while have I? Blame school work and all the books i have got through.  Progress with the adventurer is going smoothly nothing much to report on. so here is some random stuff:

  • I have recently realized that i don't really like the works of HP Lovecraft. Or Robert E. Howard for that matter. I guess it may be that to me and many of the people my age I have asked squids and octopuses are actually kind of cute and not alien and disturbing. And the concept of a crap-sack world in which their is no hope except in ignorance and terror is around every corner if you know how to look at it. Is kind of how i think of the world we live in anyway only without any thing other than us. Also: the Racism is very cringe worthy especially when dealing with Robert E. Howard.

  • On the subject of Robert E. Howard: "This was the first time the Roman legions had met with that unbreakable formation - that oldest of all Aryan battle-lines - the ancestor of the Spartan regiment - the Theban phalanx - the Macedonian formation - the English square." ...Really... did you do any research? At all? Apparently according to Howard it was in a battle with the Picts that the Romans first came up against shield-walls. Wow.

  • On things i actually like to read the "A Dirge for Prester John Series" three novels about the mythic Patriarch of the Saint Thomas Christians. The novels have a framing device of a few monks trying to find the land of Prester John with the gates of Gates of Alexander and the Fountain of Youth. Only to find no evidence of these wondrous lands. Until they find an old woman who takes them to a tree that grows books on its branches. They quickly try to transcribe the three book-fruits before they rot away. Each chapter switches between the three books and sometimes commentary from the monks. I love these books. Try to pick up book one "The Habitation of the Blessed" and see what you think of it.


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