Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well this makes my job slightly easier.

So i decided to loosely adapt Dungeon Module L1: The secret of Bone Hill. That's basically what i have been doing these last couple days. Changing peoples Species. Adding some Meenlocks and Norkers. And reading Renovating the Temple and other things about adapting AD&D to GURPS.

It's going alright so far i guess. I don't really have such to add here so...Meenlocks!
Monster Manual 2 (3e) Meenlock I don't know the artist.

Fiend Folio 1e Meenlock by Russ Nicholson (Thanks Peter D).


  1. That second one is Russ Nicholson:

    I have Norker stats that work pretty well for me, if you want them.

    1. Let me know where I can email them and I'll send them along. I can't post them because my players read my blog.