Sunday, March 24, 2013

Current Species Template ideas

Here are the current species i have for the game.


Humans: Humans where always more populous on the southern continent then the northern one. Which made the integration of the humans to the southern culture quick and easy comparatively. Northern humans have light skin and brown and red hair. Southern humans have more Mediterranean looks.

Orcs: Orcs are pig headed humanoids who are shorter than humans but a litter more durable and better night-vision. Northern orcs are bright to dull green while southern orcs are blue. all orcs are bald on the top of their heads and have grayish curly hair.

Gnolls: Hyena like humanoids. Muscular and resourcefulness with no visual differences between the genders (Gnolls feed their babies by regurgitating food instead of milk). Gnolls have odd dietary needs and can survive on one small meal of rotting food a day. And even preferring rotten food to fresh food. This causes them to be judged by upper classes of society as savage and unworthy of attention. But it does mean that they are well valued among the military. Northern Gnolls Look like striped Hyenas And Southern Gnolls look like spotted hyenas.

Wolf-People: (I don't have a cool name for these people yet) Anthropomorphic wolves with fantastic speed and dexterity. Northern ones look like Grey wolves and southern ones look like Maned wolves.

Minotaurs: Gigantic bull people that used to live in the mountainous regions in the north. Female Minotaurs have udders instead of breasts and no horns. Their are no southern Minotaurs. Many of the Minotaurs are still angry about the fact that they had to flee richest and most powerful country in all of the north for a country that they are only poor immigrants in and where most of the buildings where not made for 8 and a half foot tall bull people to fit in. The Minotaurs fur are varying shades of grey with lighter or darker splotches dabbled around.

Lynx-People: Native to the south the lynx stand about 3 feet tall catlike humanoids with sharp claws and fast bodies. The Lynx people are usually from poor city backgrounds. Females look like Iberian lynxs and males look like Bobcats

I was thinking about adding centaurs or harpies. But i think centaurs would have movement troubles in dungeons and flying would be an very good advantage. Although if i made them not able to hover and have a large wing span that may balance it out.


  1. It's smart to be concerned both with the limitations of four legs and enormous bodies, as well as the benefits and possible "instant win" button associated with flight in regards to some challenges.

    1. I've played in and run a couple of games with a DF Gargoyle, and flight can be an "instant win" button. It's probably undercosted at 40 points and would be better at 60. Winged Flight without Hover is a bit less powerful, especially if you use the bog standard rules on wingspan. I have some diagrams ( scroll down a bit) that show how inconveniencing the wings actually are.

      Though honestly, spell-casters can have Flight, Levitate, or Walk on Air pretty trivially and cheaply, and martial artists might have Super Jump, Flying Leap, or similar ability. So it's likely that most "bridge the gap" problems are going to be solved with some method like that, and it's not nearly as big a deal for the rogue to be able to fly all the time. Just accept that most enemies need to have ranged attacks or some other way to be a threat at a distance.

    2. Well matchlock Guns will be semi-common in the setting so needing ranged weapons most probably wont be a problem.

    3. Guns are fine for humanoid threats, but harpies can just fly away from rampaging wolf packs or gigantic ooze blobs or tyrannosaurus rexes. Which isn't necessarily a problem, especially if the harpy has to Move and Attack to use ranged attacks against them and her companions can't fly.

      Winged flight isn't a game breaker, but it does require some thought on the part of the GM in world and encounter design.