Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Thoughts #1

  • Well here i am again. I haven't updated in a while have I? Blame school work and all the books i have got through.  Progress with the adventurer is going smoothly nothing much to report on. so here is some random stuff:

  • I have recently realized that i don't really like the works of HP Lovecraft. Or Robert E. Howard for that matter. I guess it may be that to me and many of the people my age I have asked squids and octopuses are actually kind of cute and not alien and disturbing. And the concept of a crap-sack world in which their is no hope except in ignorance and terror is around every corner if you know how to look at it. Is kind of how i think of the world we live in anyway only without any thing other than us. Also: the Racism is very cringe worthy especially when dealing with Robert E. Howard.

  • On the subject of Robert E. Howard: "This was the first time the Roman legions had met with that unbreakable formation - that oldest of all Aryan battle-lines - the ancestor of the Spartan regiment - the Theban phalanx - the Macedonian formation - the English square." ...Really... did you do any research? At all? Apparently according to Howard it was in a battle with the Picts that the Romans first came up against shield-walls. Wow.

  • On things i actually like to read the "A Dirge for Prester John Series" three novels about the mythic Patriarch of the Saint Thomas Christians. The novels have a framing device of a few monks trying to find the land of Prester John with the gates of Gates of Alexander and the Fountain of Youth. Only to find no evidence of these wondrous lands. Until they find an old woman who takes them to a tree that grows books on its branches. They quickly try to transcribe the three book-fruits before they rot away. Each chapter switches between the three books and sometimes commentary from the monks. I love these books. Try to pick up book one "The Habitation of the Blessed" and see what you think of it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inspiring images: Le Livre et le vraye hystoire du bon roy Alixandre

So I found this image a few weeks ago and wondered where it came from.

So i found the source: Le Livre et le vraye hystoire du bon roy Alixandre a Medieval Manuscript. and half the images in it are quite normal, half of them are Solid Gold And all of them inspire me.  Have a look for your self.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well this makes my job slightly easier.

So i decided to loosely adapt Dungeon Module L1: The secret of Bone Hill. That's basically what i have been doing these last couple days. Changing peoples Species. Adding some Meenlocks and Norkers. And reading Renovating the Temple and other things about adapting AD&D to GURPS.

It's going alright so far i guess. I don't really have such to add here so...Meenlocks!
Monster Manual 2 (3e) Meenlock I don't know the artist.

Fiend Folio 1e Meenlock by Russ Nicholson (Thanks Peter D).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Current Species Template ideas

Here are the current species i have for the game.


Humans: Humans where always more populous on the southern continent then the northern one. Which made the integration of the humans to the southern culture quick and easy comparatively. Northern humans have light skin and brown and red hair. Southern humans have more Mediterranean looks.

Orcs: Orcs are pig headed humanoids who are shorter than humans but a litter more durable and better night-vision. Northern orcs are bright to dull green while southern orcs are blue. all orcs are bald on the top of their heads and have grayish curly hair.

Gnolls: Hyena like humanoids. Muscular and resourcefulness with no visual differences between the genders (Gnolls feed their babies by regurgitating food instead of milk). Gnolls have odd dietary needs and can survive on one small meal of rotting food a day. And even preferring rotten food to fresh food. This causes them to be judged by upper classes of society as savage and unworthy of attention. But it does mean that they are well valued among the military. Northern Gnolls Look like striped Hyenas And Southern Gnolls look like spotted hyenas.

Wolf-People: (I don't have a cool name for these people yet) Anthropomorphic wolves with fantastic speed and dexterity. Northern ones look like Grey wolves and southern ones look like Maned wolves.

Minotaurs: Gigantic bull people that used to live in the mountainous regions in the north. Female Minotaurs have udders instead of breasts and no horns. Their are no southern Minotaurs. Many of the Minotaurs are still angry about the fact that they had to flee richest and most powerful country in all of the north for a country that they are only poor immigrants in and where most of the buildings where not made for 8 and a half foot tall bull people to fit in. The Minotaurs fur are varying shades of grey with lighter or darker splotches dabbled around.

Lynx-People: Native to the south the lynx stand about 3 feet tall catlike humanoids with sharp claws and fast bodies. The Lynx people are usually from poor city backgrounds. Females look like Iberian lynxs and males look like Bobcats

I was thinking about adding centaurs or harpies. But i think centaurs would have movement troubles in dungeons and flying would be an very good advantage. Although if i made them not able to hover and have a large wing span that may balance it out.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Basic setting details

250 years ago a plague broke out on the northern continent. It struck suddenly and without warning. The first symptom was the darkening of the blood. Then came nausea, headaches, vomiting, Bleeding sores and finely the victims where slowly paralyzed. No magic, prayer, or potion cured this sickness. People fled by the thousands across the sea to the South and became citizens of the Republic of the Iron Citadel. Years past and the republic started a campaign to recolonize the now plague free North. People went by the droves to live in their ancestral homeland.

But the north was changed. Roving the wilderness where strange monsters the likes of which where never seen before. They where driven out of the southern most lands but the Republics army could not support a Force to slay all the most dangerous monsters and protect the remote colonies. So a system of mercenary monster slayers was started to protect the land. This is where the players come in.

So kind of generic over all.
Some other facts about the setting in no particular order.

  • I will be using Threshold limited ritual magic for the Wizards and Divine Favor for the Clerics.
  • In this world Magic is dangerous. The more Wizardry you learn the more mutated and crazy you get. I  need to think up a similar system for the Clerics. 
  • The playable species besides humans will be all be animal-human hybrids. Centaurs, Harpies, Gnolls, Pig Orcs, Minotaurs... those kind of things. 
  • It will be about the technology level of the 16th century. TL4 in GURPS terms.
  • The characters will be around 150 points made of a 100 pt Class template and a 25-50 Pt Race template.

Friday, March 22, 2013

My RPG Collection

My RPG Collection (and my favorite part of each book) 

GURPS: (All forth edition unless otherwise noted)
Basic set (Basically all of it)
Low tech (Muskets!)
Magic (The Breathe Steam spell)
Ultra tech (My body can contain a swarm of nanobots. Sweet.)
Thaumatology (Threshold limited magic and the Hermetic Astrology section in the appendix)
Pyramid #3/36: Dungeon Fantasy (the expansion to the Divine Favor system)
GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live (Post Apocalypse templates are useful. so are the robots)
Gurps Technomancer (3e) (I haven't actually read this book yet. i should get to that.)
Gurps Discworld (3e) (This book got me into GURPS in the first place)
Cyberpunk (3e) (I don't know why i have this. No really i don't know where it came from. Cyberware i guess)
GURPS Powers: Divine Favor (All of it. It the best and i love it.)

Basic D&D:
Hollow World Box Set (The concept of a land beneath the earth filled by the gods with people from dead cultures is quite interesting.)
Isle of Dread (The Aranea and Kopru are quite nice exotic monsters)

AD&D 1e:
Descent into the Depths of the Earth (Blibdoolpoolp is a wonderful name)
Vault of the Drow (Nice city with some built in Politics you can mess with.)
Queen of the Demonweb Pits (It contains giant vinegaroons, amblypygi, and Solifugae which are severely underrepresented in in Fantasy)
Fiend Folio (This thing is filled with good monsters: Ettercaps , Babblers, Dire Corbys, and Adherers i cant just pick one)
The Secret of bone hill (The cover art is amazing.)

AD&d 2e:
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One (The art for all the monsters is quite nice)
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two (The Inquisitor)
Monstrous Compendium Appendix Mystara (The Ghostly Horde is an interesting idea. A monster that causes people to see an army attacking them.)
Spelljammer boxed set (i have always liked the look of the Neogi.)

I have a blog now

Well i have a blog now.
I will be documenting my GURPS fantasy campaign here once it actually gets started in about two months. Or sooner if i can manage it.
Until then this blog will be mostly be setting details for my players benefit. And random thoughts about monsters and RPGs from someone who is very new to the hobby (Three years ago in case anyone is wondering) and to life (i'm 18)

Things I like in no particular order: Muskets, Gnolls, Whips, Centaurs, Oozes, Pole-arms, Peafowls, Lampreys, Owls, Odd monsters, Pig Orcs, Shields,  Leaches and Parasites.